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Hi, my name is Marylena Sevigney. Yes, I bought my URL,, back when you could still find your first name at Network Solutions! Designing websites straight out of college immersed me in the ever-evolving information age.

Technology has allowed me to develop visual and written communications, find efficiencies in processes and organize chaos while developing my design, leadership, project management, communication and educator skills.

Marylena Sevigney

Skills & Expertise

What you can expect from me:


15+ years of experience leading teams, developing and implementing marketing and operations projects. Lead with empathy and advocacy.

Project Management

Strategist capable of monitoring and assessing progress to goal, identifying and troubleshooting challenges and opportunities, developing and acting on improvements.

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Extensive experience researching, developing comms, presenting to and collaborating with diverse groups of stakeholders including professionals, upper level leadership, students and consumers. Guided by systems thinking and design thinking fundamentals.


Versatile designer capable of developing and translating two-dimensions to three-dimensions digitally and physically. Practice “what if” brainstorming and empathetic design to promote creative problem solving. Welcome challenges and opportunities to think outside the box.

Design Portfolio

A sampling of various design works. For writing samples, contact me. View Art Portfolio here.

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About Marylena

You’re probably thinking, “how could she be well-versed in all of these things?” A bit of a chameleon, I’m really good at entering a new environment, using keen observation to study the landscape, discover successes and challenges, and quickly begin to make connections and strategize solutions. A foundation in design thinking and a natural ability to draw from systems thinking help me visualize a whole picture as well as the details. I’m also good at quickly grasping new concepts and technology. So, every opportunity, from being an instructional technologist to managing projects and programs and teaching people from K-adult, has fed my thirst to absorb information and skills.

My formal undergraduate education was completed at the Rhode Island School of Design, and my graduate studies at University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth. I’m currently enrolled in a Master of Science degree for Digital Marketing. Volunteering for New Hampshire Master Gardeners, UNH Schoolyard SITES and other local organizations gives me satisfaction of knowing I’m helping people and the natural environment through education. In my recreational time, I enjoy boating and paddling on the lake with my family, trapsing through the woods and tending to my garden, as well as making art in my studio.

Detail Oriented
Self Directed
Tech Savvy

My Values


Taking care of myself, physically and mentally means I can feel and do my best for my family, job and community. I do this by prioritizing a work/life balance, moving and exercising regularly, and eating a diet that is good for my body as well as the earth.


I do my best to educate myself so that I can be conscious of how I treat all people, no matter their socioeconomics, race, ethnicity, gender or sexuality. Leading with a sense of empathy, I believe the best cultures are developed where diversity, equity, inclusion and a sense of belonging are an intentional priority.


From a young age, I have felt a deep sense of connection to the earth and feel a responsibility to foster the earth. I try to make decisions that will help and not harm our precious and delicate planet.

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