Art Portfolio

Artist Statement

Transitions where unlike things meet create edges. Lines are formed by foamy edges of waves on a sandy beach, trees atop mountains and the air they penetrate, mossy rocks emerging through freshly thawed snow. Cycles of nature are in constant motion and these lines endlessly change. As humans, we go about our lives as this growth and decay continuously filters the air we breathe and the water we drink and feeds the soil from which we eat. Our survival is inextricably linked to the delicate balance of ecosystem health, though the earth itself would thrive without the abuses we reign upon it.

My work explores the tenuous relationship humans have with the planet where we were born and spend our lives and deaths. Because not only do we depend on the earth’s resources, but as we burden those supplies, we remain vulnerable to inevitable powerful storms and diseases that increase with our negligence. Pausing and observing allows us to honor the wonders of beauty that are fading as we continue to turn our backs on injuries we cause. Perhaps this pause can remind us to take more steps to act as stewards to protect the most valuable and relevant thing in our lives, that literally keeps us alive.

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