Hugelkultur Beds

Earlier this spring, I told myself I wouldn’t start any new projects outside because I wanted to spend time with my family and develop my website. Somehow I just couldn’t fight the urge to create more vegetable beds so my son could have his own garden and I would have room for squash and pumpkins.

Having just finished my permaculture design certification course a few months prior, I had planned to build some hugelkultur beds in the space between my vegetable and perennial gardens. Hugelkultur beds would allow me to build height without bringing soil from elsewhere, as well as encourage healthy soil and good drainage.

Into the woods with a chainsaw and a will, I gathered all the fallen wood I could reach. Hauling the logs into the front yard, I arranged them into one small bed for my son and one keyhole bed for berry bushes and squash. This turned out to be a lot more work than I had intended… with my husband grumbling in the background.

Fast forward to today, my son’s garden is flourishing with his choice of cosmos, sunflowers and zinnias. The keyhole garden is still in process. I will finish it before fall!

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