This morning, my nature-loving little boy invited me to come see a grasshopper he caught. This was a big deal because it had taken him a couple days to achieve this task, one he usually finds quite easy. Although I wanted to share in his triumph, I had to respond with “I’m sorry honey, I’m stuck in the weeds,” because literally, I was balancing between perennials in the center of my garden, plucking the uninvited, but thriving greenery.

Weeding has been the theme of my life for the past weeks. The mass of clutter, glaring at me until I find time to tackle it, picking, sorting, and ousting till I can breathe again. 

Being someone who can be quite obsessive when I start a project, I tend to let other things fall to the wayside. Early this year, I started a new job and concurrently began the process of revamping our kitchen. The consuming combination led to my dropping of Mindful Making, and other seemingly important things until I could actually have space in my brain for a thought external of those two topics. 

Today, our kitchen monster is 95% tamed and my job has steadied for the mid-summer months. The tv area is more integrated, and the dining room is no longer a make-shift kitchen. The living room has been de-cluttered and the toys have been combed through.

My poor.   lonely.   studio/dumping ground/laundry room has been purged, sigh, and the garden has been weeded.

I am feeling like I can breathe – deep, pure, cleansing, relief. I’m feeling like I can pick up the pieces of projects I’ve let fall to the wayside, including this blog. 

So if you’ve gotten this far, thank you for reading. And thank you for your patience as I move onto things I couldn’t do until the weeds were cleared. ​​

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